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Good News: Students of LVTC win a second prize of the VR Design and Production in the National Vocational College Skills Competition (Higher Vocational Education Group)

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From News Center (Text by Li Chuang, School of Electronic Information Engineering; Photo by Qin Baozhen, School of Electronic Information Engineering) The 2021 National Vocational College Skills Competition (Higher Vocational Education Group) - VR Design and Production Event was held from June 22 to 26 in Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College. The LVTC team struggled and forged ahead in the competition, for which it was granted a national second prize with its final result ranked 1st among all the second prize winners.

The LVTC team was composed of Wei Wenbiao, a major of VR Application Technology (admitted in 2019); Chen Chao, a major of VR Application Technology (admitted in 2020); Zheng Guitian, a major of Software Technology (admitted in 2019), School of Electronic Information Engineering. The event was a team competition. The session was 3 days and the total competition time was 10 hours. A total of 27 teams (each contains contestants and coaches) from all provinces (municipalities), autonomous regions and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps participated in the event. The event took typical projects in the VR content production industry as the background, took VR project design, VR model making, VR animation resources creation, and VR interactive realization as the technology modules, and took the typical cases of VR application and the core teaching contents of VR technology application majors as the competition contents. It tried to keep abreast with WorldSkills Competition in terms of both the competition mode and the competition contents. The event aimed to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the National Vocational Education Conference, promote the "job-classroom-competition-certificate" comprehensive education, play the leading and demonstration role of the competition in teaching, promote the training of VR talents, strengthen the integration of schools, enterprise and industries, and cultivate more high-quality technical personnel and skilled craftsmen for our great country.

Leaders of School of Electronic Information Engineering gave strong support and attached great importance to the competition. School of Electronic Information Engineering has been adhering to the school-running characteristics of "strengthened development of innovation and entrepreneurial ability, vocational ability and practical ability", upholding the teaching mode of combining basic teaching and specialty teaching, and encouraging students with special talent to practice and design frequently, so that the students' innovation ability has been greatly improved. Leaders of School of Electronic Information Engineering participated in discussions of the participation plan, and relied on cooperative enterprises to pool wisdom and find a potential innovation breakthrough. Teachers Qin Baozhen and Li Chuang were assigned to provide guidance, and good conditions were created for the contestants in the preparation stage.

Compared with previous sessions, this event was greatly changed, reflected in more competition contents, more difficult tasks, new design software, longer competition time and so on. Furthermore, only the first place of each division was eligible to attend the national event instead of the first three places in previous sessions. Facing difficulties and challenges, the coaches carefully studied the game rules, widely collected information, absorbed knowledge and skills, and strengthened targeted training; under the careful guidance of the coaches, our contestants, in half a year from the provincial event to the national event, relied on their exquisite skills and hardworking spirit to overcome all the difficulties in the way. They finally stood on the supreme podium, setting a new record for LVTC.


The award-winning teachers and students of LVTC


Certificate of Award


The opening ceremony of the Competition

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